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Brutal Facesitting – Mean Mistress

Another fresh week and time for another new brutal facesitting com scene to be showed off to you. And you get to see another femdomempire mistress in this one too. Speaking of which, we’ve had quite a few in a row thus far. But it seems that you ladies and gets quite enjoy the sight of a woman taking the reins in a fuck session and it’s quite enjoyable isn’t it. Well this time the mistress is a tad more selfish as she wants nothing more than pleasure from the guy for the whole time they are together and so, he has his work cut out for him. Let’s watch the cut eating her dripping wet cunt this afternoon and you can sit back and enjoy another sexy brutalfacesitting session here!


She also leads this guy by a collar around. And as she takes a seat on a chair, she spreads her legs for him. His first task is to use only his mouth to take off her panties as she’s just wearing them and her bra. He obliges and quite masterfully removes those panties. Well the babe takes a spot on the coffee table in front after that and bends over for him. He now has to make her cum and orgasm and again by using only his mouth and tongue. Check it out without delay and see him working hard to do just that. We’re sure that you will enjoy the view too and there will be, of course, a new face sitting scene here next week too. See you guys then!

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Mistress Nelly

Well here we are once more guys and gals. We’re back with more brutal facsitting action and a new and sexy lady getting to be dominant in bed for a change with her new boyfriend and you get to see her teach him quite fast to be submissive from the very first time they bang. Let’s sit back and watch as they get a nice hotel room all to themselves today and you can see her doing pretty much what ever she feels like to the guy for the afternoon. Rest assured that it involves lots and lots of him eating her pussy as she sits on his face, otherwise it wouldn’t be a trademark brutal facesitting scene. Anyway, we bet you’re curious so let’s just get the show started already shall we everyone?


The babe was sporting a nice coral blue dress and as soon as she removes it, she does the same thing with her panties. Apart from that, she didn’t have any other lingerie on either. So she’s a pretty kinky little lady just like Ashley Fires to begin with herself. See her pushing the guy on the bed and straight up getting on top of him, planting her vagina straight over his mouth and telling him that in bed, she’s going to be the one to make the rules from now on. And how could the guy not love a sexy woman like her that knows what she wants straight up. So enjoy their little letting loose brutal facesitting scene her today and enjoy the show. We’ll be back soon with more juicy content for you!

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Brutal Facesitting – Lola Shine

Lola Shine is this week’s mistress that gets nasty and naughty with her man slut for the afternoon and you can bet that you get to see it all. Much like the babe that we got to see last week here, this lady is also into BDSM and she’s never shy about it either. She just loves to take new guys and show them a thing or two about the world of latex, spanking and chains that she loves so much and this guy was the fresh meat in more ways than one for this scene to her. So let’s get to see her showing him the ropes and you can watch another brutal facesitting mistress in action as she gets to have a man follow her every single command while she gets pleased!

Right as the cameras begin to roll, the cutie comes into the scene followed by the guy which she’s leading by a chain that she attached to a collar he’s wearing. That and she also bound his hands. She wants to make him feel restrained and helpless in front of her and when she starts giving clubdom commands he has no choice but to listen and obey. So naturally, the first one is to eat out that pussy of hers until she cums and only then will he be getting a reward too. So watch him eating her sweet pussy out as she sits on his face for the afternoon scene. We’ll be sure to bring you even more luscious and superb face sitting porn scenes next week as well guys!

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Mistress Serena

Today’s facesitting com scene is here for you to check out guys. Let’s get to enjoy this week’s show with this babe and see her making her man eat her out for the whole duration. Her name is Serena and as you can see from the title, she’s very much into at least some light S&M play too. That just makes her perfect to be around this place for sure and she brought along her boyfriend that gets to help her demo here. So let’s sit back and watch her juicy and sensual brutal facesitting scene for the afternoon as you can see her planting the guy’s face in her pussy and moaning in pleasure while she lets him perform some incredible oral for her!


Being a mistress is quite fulfilling for this babe according to her. She says that she just adores the level of control that she gets over the guy when she gets to order him around and he has to do every single thing that she says too. Let’s get into watching the two engage into their regular play session as soon as the cameras roll and you can even see the babe spanking and whipping his cute sexy ass too. Take your time to truly enjoy this one and do be ready to check out another juicy and hot face sitting scene next week as well. Also you can check out the past scenes too for some more amazing and naughty galleries with sexy ladies getting assertive!

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Brutal Facesitting – Maya And Lisa

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new kinky session today here just like usual. We bring you another pair of dominant babes that get to have their way with this lucky stud and they enjoy their time with him quite a lot. You will get to see them using some kinky toys on him as they make him please their pussies and rest assured that you won’t want to miss out on this whole thing today. We can pretty much assure you that it’s just too good to pass up. Well let’s get to it and see the threesome go down with the lot today shall we everyone? We know you’re pretty eager to get to watch it happen too!

The living room couch is where the trio settled on playing on since they were just too horny to wait until the bedroom. So watch clothes fly left and right and as the babes flank the guy and get to start touching him all over, he gets to learn pretty fast what his role is in this little fuck session with them today. And after teasing his cock and getting him all excited, you can see them putting a strap-on mask on him too. Then they take turns both to bend over and have the guy fucking them deep with his naughty mask. Have fun with this scene here and do remember to come back again soon for another new and fresh gallery with even more kinky face sitting!

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Brutal Facesit

Hey there guys and welcome back to another brutal facesit scene here. We know how much you love seeing assertive babes take the ropes and making these guys please them first and foremost and as always, every scene is just so juicy and hot as well. This week’s lovely lady is a blonde as you can see and she happens to have a kink for some sexy and sensual lingerie as well. Sit back and watch closely this show as you get to watch the beauty taking her time to sit on the guy’s face and have him eating out that sweet pussy today. You will enjoy every single brutal facesitting image here that this gallery has for sure so let’s get the show on the road!

There’s just something so awesome about checking out these ladies getting wild on camera and the blonde here with her lingerie isn’t any different. She removes pretty much all of her clothes, save for her corset and that’s okay since it just makes her look even more smoking hot with it on. Anyway, take your time to see her get on top of the guy and watch her taking a seat on his face, all ready to have her pussy eaten out by him. We bet you’ll enjoy this oral pleasing session quite a lot and be sure that we will be back with some more new scenes next week as well. See you all then and meanwhile we hope you will enjoy this one! For similar videos and pics, enter the window girl site and see some kinky mistresses playing with their men!

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FaceSitting Brutal

Hello and welcome to all new facesitting brutal scenes and even more lovely little babes that get to have some fun with this lucky stud. The two amazing babes as you can see are a pair of ladies with long jet black hair and they seem to have quite the thirst for sex too. And sex of the very very kinky kind. Otherwise they wouldn’t be showing off here at all now would they. Let’s get to check out some fresh images with these two and you can see them taking their time to make the guy eat out their pussies as they sit on his face too. Well let’s get to see it more in depth today without delay as we bet you’re eager to see what went down in this one too!

They can be seen taking the guy to their bedroom and they throw him on the bed. Then they start to undress themselves and him and whip out his cock to perfrom a simply juicy and sensual double blowjob for the stud. Watch closely and see them putting on display those big and round natural tits as well. Anyway the best part is of course when they get to sit on his face and let him enjoy the taste of their cunts for a good part of the brutal facesitting scene. But he was just so good that he managed to make both of them climax as well. So they were fully satisfied with him as well. Have fun watching this superb scene and see you next week with another new update! Also you might enter the window girl website for similar videos and pics! Have fun and see you next time!

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Mia & Lilu Brutal facesitting videos

Well, these sexy mean ladies are certainly not going to please themselves with just trampling the motherfucker in these next free brutal facesitting videos because their craving pussies need to be licked clean. Check out them push his stupid face into one another’s slit till he begins choking on them. Enjoy as Mia and Lilu get to have all the fun that they want with this male slut today. He’s completely submissive and willing to do whatever they want him to do. So let’s get this sexy show on the road and see what our mistresses do to the guy today.

The scene starts off with the guy laying on the floor as the ladies stand watch on the couch. The two women then start to take their clothes off, and show off their womanly goods in all of their glory. To be honest, with some hot bodies like they have it’s hard not to do whatever the two women want you to do. Sit back and watch as Mia takes the first turn to sit on his face while Lilu starts to work on his cock sucking and slurping on it with a passion. Watch closely as the two women get their cunts pleased by the guy and enjoy the view. Don’t forget that you can find similar videos and pics inside the English spankers site so check it out and have fun!

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Anna & Mara’s brutal face sitting video

Once you earn the big honor of being used by Anna and Mara on their next brutal face sitting video, you may realize it was worth the cost. Just picture yourself buried below their heavy, tasty asses and you are certain to pop an instant boner. The mean ladies are more enthusiastic about using your stupid face, however you will sure love every moment of this brutal facesitting gallery! Don’t miss it for the world as you will be getting to see two very horny and sexy babes as they do their thing to play around with a stud for this fine day today.

Women like these two get off on dominating other dudes completely, and you can see just how much they were into their little fun with the guy for today. Though you can rest easy that he enjoyed letting the two cuties boss him around as they had their fun with him. Watch him getting bound with duct tape as he lays on his back on the bed, and see these two very horny and hot ladies as they take their turns to sit on his face with their pussies. We can tell you that the babes enjoyed themselves and so did the guy. So just sit back and enjoy this nice face sitting fuck session for today! If you liked this video and you can’t wait until the next week’s update, check out the site and see some gorgeous ladies getting tied up and roughly hammered!

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Brutal face sitting video – Maya & Katya

The guy, from the next free brutal face sitting video, could already been called fuckface before, however it is Maya and Katya (two mean mistresses) which bring a brand new meaning to this word. Nude, juicy, sloppy girls have lots of fun with their male victim forcing him fuck their pussies with his stupid face in the next updated and abuse his filfthy mouth with raw cunt rubbing. Well one thing is sure, and that’s that these two horny women sure know how to have fun in regards to sex. Well we know you want to see what they did so let’s just sit back and get the show started.

The two ladies take the time to tease the guy with their sexy lingerie outfits, and you can see the babes taking them off to reveal their horny pussies. But then the real brutal facesitting show starts as one of the babes starts to suck on his cock while the other takes her place putting her pussy on his face. And as the other starts to also ride his cock, the guy was in for some nice times. While the two babes get their sexy pussies pleased, you also get to see miss Maya and Katya start to kiss one another passionately. We hope you’ll like it and we’ll be back next week! Until then, check out the elite spanking site and see some kinky babes getting they asses roughly spanked!

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