Brutal Facesitting

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Brutal business ladies

In this brutal facesitting scene these two business ladies are having an argument with their manager at the office. He does not like that fact the the ladies are spending two much time chatting and gossiping instead of doing the job they are paid to do, and the babes decide to teach him a lesson this time. They hold him down on the floor and both naughty babes are lifting their skirts off and the panties down. As you might already imagine, one of them sits on his face ordering him to lick her wet pussy. After she uses her manager’s head and tongue for her own pleasure, the other babe wants to get her pussy licked too! Next the babes are taking off his pants and start making fun of his small penis, teasing him until he gets hard and begs them to make him cum, but they get mad again and he is forced to bury his face in their cunts again, this time he has to work his tongue harder on their clit to make them cum! When the babes are done with him his face is drenched in pussy juice!


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