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Mistress Serena

Today’s facesitting com scene is here for you to check out guys. Let’s get to enjoy this week’s show with this babe and see her making her man eat her out for the whole duration. Her name is Serena and as you can see from the title, she’s very much into at least some light S&M play too. That just makes her perfect to be around this place for sure and she brought along her boyfriend that gets to help her demo here. So let’s sit back and watch her juicy and sensualĀ brutal facesitting scene for the afternoon as you can see her planting the guy’s face in her pussy and moaning in pleasure while she lets him perform some incredible oral for her!


Being a mistress is quite fulfilling for this babe according to her. She says that she just adores the level of control that she gets over the guy when she gets to order him around and he has to do every single thing that she says too. Let’s get into watching the two engage into their regular play session as soon as the cameras roll and you can even see the babe spanking and whipping his cute sexy ass too. Take your time to truly enjoy this one and do be ready to check out another juicy and hot face sitting scene next week as well. Also you can check out the past scenes too for some more amazing and naughty galleries with sexy ladies getting assertive!

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