Brutal Facesitting

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Brutal Facesitting – Jenya & Alice

This poor guy can only relax on these brutal facesitting pics, after all, all these cuffs and collar that Alice & Jenya have forced this guy into doing exactly what they need. Deprived of mobility in the next brutalfacesitting update, this poor fellow can only concentrate on being good with his mouth, because he is terrified to underperform for these mean hot girls. Check out as this male puppy pleases with his mouth. He is promised an unforgettable blow job if he id doing a good job, and while one babe is sitting on his face rubbing her pussy against him, the other gives him a handjob driving him over the edge. He is not allowed to shoot his load until the girl are not satisfied, and the brunette chick wants to have several orgasms. At the end his face is completely covered in sweet pussy juice!

 jenya and alice abusing their male slave jenya and alice abusing their male slave face

See these mean women abusing their male slave’s face!