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BrutalFacesitting – Irina & Katya

The next two BrutalFacesitting mean ladies, Irina and Katya, are quite good with ropes, however they are good with offering an occasional tugjob that turns this brutal facesitting videos session into a meeting to remember. Watch this helpless fellow eating lots of snatch and make these beauties get off, earning a big favor. Enjoy as you will get to see these two horny and hot babes have some sexy fun with the guy for the whole afternoon. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s just get to it as we’re sure that you guys are eager to see these two cuties treating the man with their cunts.

Irina and Katya sure love a bit of BDSM on the side as they have their fun with guys, and one thing you should know, is that these two babes always like to share a cock. Watch them as today they make a nice job tie up the guy’s hands and feet so that he couldn’t move at all. And once they did that they were all clear to have all the fun that they wanted to have with the guy in this afternoon. Watch as the sexy women gang up on the lucky stud, and see them jerking off on his cock while they take turns to put their pussies on his face and have him lick their cunts for the whole scene today!

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