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Brutal-Facesitting mistresses

Our next brutal-facesitting mistresses Anna and Mara, two brunette dommes, turn the next victim into a fuck toy, we mean speechless fuck sex toy. Naturally, how can this poor fellow speak when his stupid mouth is a pussy-pleasing object. The ladies get a bit dizzy from all the pleasure remembering also to keep the male slave in control. He gets lucky too as one of this mean mistresses plays with his cock while he’s pleasing with his mouth. So let’s just watch these two horny babes as they go out of their way to have fun with the stud for the whole afternoon today.

anna and marra two brutal facesitting mistresses

These two naughty and sexy ladies sure know how to roughen up guys. And rest assured that they go out of their way to get only guys that know how to enjoy this treatment. Like we said, this fine afternoon the two ladies managed to get their slutty little hands on a dude that they can have all the fun that they want with. And the guy simply loved them. Watch as the sexy women treat his face and mouth with their eager pussies and then watch them putting a dildo face mask on him as they ride that toy as well with their cunt. We hope that you enjoyed it and we’ll see you guys next week.

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