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Brutal Facesitting – Mean Mistress

Another fresh week and time for another new brutal facesitting com scene to be showed off to you. And you get to see another femdomempire mistress in this one too. Speaking of which, we’ve had quite a few in a row thus far. But it seems that you ladies and gets quite enjoy the sight of a woman taking the reins in a fuck session and it’s quite enjoyable isn’t it. Well this time the mistress is a tad more selfish as she wants nothing more than pleasure from the guy for the whole time they are together and so, he has his work cut out for him. Let’s watch the cut eating her dripping wet cunt this afternoon and you can sit back and enjoy another sexy brutalfacesitting session here!


She also leads this guy by a collar around. And as she takes a seat on a chair, she spreads her legs for him. His first task is to use only his mouth to take off her panties as she’s just wearing them and her bra. He obliges and quite masterfully removes those panties. Well the babe takes a spot on the coffee table in front after that and bends over for him. He now has to make her cum and orgasm and again by using only his mouth and tongue. Check it out without delay and see him working hard to do just that. We’re sure that you will enjoy the view too and there will be, of course, a new face sitting scene here next week too. See you guys then!

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