Brutal Facesitting

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Mistress Nelly

Well here we are once more guys and gals. We’re back with moreĀ brutal facsitting action and a new and sexy lady getting to be dominant in bed for a change with her new boyfriend and you get to see her teach him quite fast to be submissive from the very first time they bang. Let’s sit back and watch as they get a nice hotel room all to themselves today and you can see her doing pretty much what ever she feels like to the guy for the afternoon. Rest assured that it involves lots and lots of him eating her pussy as she sits on his face, otherwise it wouldn’t be a trademark brutal facesitting scene. Anyway, we bet you’re curious so let’s just get the show started already shall we everyone?


The babe was sporting a nice coral blue dress and as soon as she removes it, she does the same thing with her panties. Apart from that, she didn’t have any other lingerie on either. So she’s a pretty kinky little lady just likeĀ Ashley Fires to begin with herself. See her pushing the guy on the bed and straight up getting on top of him, planting her vagina straight over his mouth and telling him that in bed, she’s going to be the one to make the rules from now on. And how could the guy not love a sexy woman like her that knows what she wants straight up. So enjoy their little letting loose brutal facesitting scene her today and enjoy the show. We’ll be back soon with more juicy content for you!

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