Brutal Facesitting

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Brutal Facesitting – Lola Shine

Lola Shine is this week’s¬† mistress that gets nasty and naughty with her man slut for the afternoon and you can bet that you get to see it all. Much like the babe that we got to see last week here, this lady is also into BDSM and she’s never shy about it either. She just loves to take new guys and show them a thing or two about the world of latex, spanking and chains that she loves so much and this guy was the fresh meat in more ways than one for this scene to her. So let’s get to see her showing him the ropes and you can watch another¬†brutal facesitting¬†mistress in action as she gets to have a man follow her every single command while she gets pleased!

Right as the cameras begin to roll, the cutie comes into the scene followed by the guy which she’s leading by a chain that she attached to a collar he’s wearing. That and she also bound his hands. She wants to make him feel restrained and helpless in front of her and when she starts giving clubdom commands he has no choice but to listen and obey. So naturally, the first one is to eat out that pussy of hers until she cums and only then will he be getting a reward too. So watch him eating her sweet pussy out as she sits on his face for the afternoon scene. We’ll be sure to bring you even more luscious and superb face sitting porn scenes next week as well guys!

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