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Hello and welcome to all new¬†facesitting brutal scenes and even more lovely little babes that get to have some fun with this lucky stud. The two amazing babes as you can see are a pair of ladies with long jet black hair and they seem to have quite the thirst for sex too. And sex of the very very kinky kind. Otherwise they wouldn’t be showing off here at all now would they. Let’s get to check out some fresh images with these two and you can see them taking their time to make the guy eat out their pussies as they sit on his face too. Well let’s get to see it more in depth today without delay as we bet you’re eager to see what went down in this one too!

They can be seen taking the guy to their bedroom and they throw him on the bed. Then they start to undress themselves and him and whip out his cock to perfrom a simply juicy and sensual double blowjob for the stud. Watch closely and see them putting on display those big and round natural tits as well. Anyway the best part is of course when they get to sit on his face and let him enjoy the taste of their cunts for a good part of the brutal facesitting scene. But he was just so good that he managed to make both of them climax as well. So they were fully satisfied with him as well. Have fun watching this superb scene and see you next week with another new update! Also you might enter the window girl website for similar videos and pics! Have fun and see you next time!

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