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Sveta & Ksusha

The two mistresses form these next brutal facesitting videos are Sveta and Ksusha, two Slavic females any guy would like to pay oral respect to. See their heavenly bodies in some totally hot lingerie using this dude’s face for pleasuring themselves and tugging his solid boner. And as we have a new wee, we bring you two more sexy and naughty ladies that want to have some fun with a guy. They also picked up this stud at a random location, and he seemed more than happy to get to have some fun with two simply stunning and sexy women. Well he would get a bit of a surprise as you’ll see.

One thing he doesn’t know is that these two women enjoy acting like some very hot and sexy dominatrix’s, and nothing can stand in their way when they get wild. As they reached the guy’s place, they found some ropes and going to his bedroom, one of them started to suck on his cock while the other tied up his hands. And when he was nicely bound, the curly haired Sveta takes her place putting her sweet pussy on his face, while Ksusha continues to jerk him off and suck on his big and hard cock for the remainder of the scene. enjoy it and see you next week!

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