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Brutal facesitting Kristina

Check out the next face sitting, pussy and ass licking brutal facesitting Kristina video. You will enjoy every single moment of this update. Watch mistress Kristina using ropes to restrain her male puppet and then forcing him to please her with his mouth. The poor guy has to clean her asshole to not just her moist clit. The next update is filled with femdom action, pussy licking, ass rimming, smothering pics and vids. As you know by now, we have some very sexy and horny women doing their thing so far with submissive guys.

kristina foreces her man into licking her asshole

In this nice and hot scene, we bring you the hot and sexy Kristina and her little male sex toy for the afternoon. She is a sexy and small brunette with a perky and sexy body. And guys usually try to hit on her. But what they don’t know is that this sexy babe likes to be the one dominating. So watch her as today she got another guy, and made the lucky dude lick on her pussy and ass for the whole afternoon today. Watch as she moans in pleasure, while the guy works her wet holes with his masterful tongue for this awesome scene. See you next week like usual with some more!

See this obedient slave cleaning mistress’s sweet asshole!

Brutal facesitting russian mistresses

Whipped & humiliated by Inga & Olesya, two brutal face sitting Russian mistresses, however is a real gift. Simply have a look at the next brutal face sitting videos with these two slutty mistresses, sexy as hell in their lingerie and just as mean as they look. Highly refined nylon & kinky SM gear flip this face sitting fuck session into eye candy. And one might think that Russian babes are cute and beautiful, but one thing that ends up happening most of the times, is guys getting baffled by just how hard and kinky these ladies can get during sex sessions. Today this guy learned first hand this lesson.

We gave him two very sexy and hot Russian ladies. And both of them wanted this guy to take care of their wet cunts. They sat in a chair, and while the guy was on his all fours, they spread open their legs, pressing his face in their little pussies to lick them. Well the guy was a bit surprised, but that didn’t stop him to make his mistresses feel good today. Watch him doing his best to lick those dripping wet cunts as the ladies moan in the pleasure that he give them and enjoy the superb show that unfolds in front of you guys today. As always we hope that you liked it and see you next week!

gorgeous mistresses abusing their submissive man inga and olesya forcing their slave into licking pussy

Check out these two russian mistresses whipping and humiliating their man!

Anna Gold brutal facesitting

The next update is very special. We are incredibly happy to offer you Anna Gold brutal facesitting. Anna has the kind of attitude that you would sure enjoy around you office staff . The next brutal face sitting gets together one girl and one male, however the spicy redhead is clearly worth the two. Watch her grabbing the office fool guy by his hair and slamming his face straight into her soaking pussy, looking to get off. Well you would enjoy her attitude around your staff, but she’d still be the big boss of the place, and that sure as hell grants her some very nice perks as you can see.

anna gold abusing her co-worker face

She happens to be exactly that in this scene, and it seems that she has gotten herself a new colleague. Well that guy happens to be her new assistant and this red haired cutie intends to walk him through the whole new guy thing today. Well he gets to learn that this cutie enjoys having her assistants treat her pussy nicely as she enjoys dominating them. And for today you get to see her slam her dripping wet pussy in this lucky guy’s face as she wants him to work her cunt properly. Watch as the guy tries his best to please his bosses’ pussy for this afternoon and enjoy the show everyone. See you next week!

anna gold hets her ass licked in office anna gold forces her co-worker into licking her holes

Watch this bossy woman forcing her co-worker into licking her dripping pussy!

Sveta & Ksusha

The two mistresses form these next brutal facesitting videos are Sveta and Ksusha, two Slavic females any guy would like to pay oral respect to. See their heavenly bodies in some totally hot lingerie using this dude’s face for pleasuring themselves and tugging his solid boner. And as we have a new wee, we bring you two more sexy and naughty ladies that want to have some fun with a guy. They also picked up this stud at a random location, and he seemed more than happy to get to have some fun with two simply stunning and sexy women. Well he would get a bit of a surprise as you’ll see.

One thing he doesn’t know is that these two women enjoy acting like some very hot and sexy dominatrix’s, and nothing can stand in their way when they get wild. As they reached the guy’s place, they found some ropes and going to his bedroom, one of them started to suck on his cock while the other tied up his hands. And when he was nicely bound, the curly haired Sveta takes her place putting her sweet pussy on his face, while Ksusha continues to jerk him off and suck on his big and hard cock for the remainder of the scene. enjoy it and see you next week!

two kinky russian mistresses facesitting on their slave

See this restrained slave forced into licking his domme’s pussy hole!

Vanessa – brutal face sitting

Smothering & queening the way brutal face sitting likes it! Check out this smooth dangerous babe deal with a submissive slave guy! This Lucky guy suffers under the dominant mistress and even asks for more! Beautiful blonde mistress, hi-res video clips, and realistic stories. Enjoy the update and see this simply gorgeous and sexy blonde as she has her way with this lucky guy for the afternoon too. Vanessa has made a habit to take guys back to her place and take the time to sit on their faces with her eager pussy and enjoy them licking on her sweet pussy while she enjoys herself.

gorgeous mistress restricting her slaveSo  without further due, let’s just sit back and watch this cutie as she does her thing. She managed to get her slutty little hands on this stud at a bar, and she bluntly asked him how he feels about eating pussy since he was trying to pick her up. Well the guy gave a favorable answer and this sexy woman decided to put it to the test as soon as they reached her place. And as you’ll see, as soon as they’re in her bedroom, this sexy cutie ties up his hands nicely and gets to climbing on top of him treating him with her sweet pussy. Well the guy wasn’t lying as he did one nice job to eat her cunt!

gorgeous vanessa abusing her slave face

See this crazy facesitting scene featuring gorgeous blond mistress and her boy!

BrutalFacesitting – Irina & Katya

The next two BrutalFacesitting mean ladies, Irina and Katya, are quite good with ropes, however they are good with offering an occasional tugjob that turns this brutal facesitting videos session into a meeting to remember. Watch this helpless fellow eating lots of snatch and make these beauties get off, earning a big favor. Enjoy as you will get to see these two horny and hot babes have some sexy fun with the guy for the whole afternoon. So let’s not waste anymore time and let’s just get to it as we’re sure that you guys are eager to see these two cuties treating the man with their cunts.

Irina and Katya sure love a bit of BDSM on the side as they have their fun with guys, and one thing you should know, is that these two babes always like to share a cock. Watch them as today they make a nice job tie up the guy’s hands and feet so that he couldn’t move at all. And once they did that they were all clear to have all the fun that they wanted to have with the guy in this afternoon. Watch as the sexy women gang up on the lucky stud, and see them jerking off on his cock while they take turns to put their pussies on his face and have him lick their cunts for the whole scene today!

irina and katya use their slave for a nice face sitting session

Click her and watch this helpless guy eating lots of pussy!

Brutal-Facesitting mistresses

Our next brutal-facesitting mistresses Anna and Mara, two brunette dommes, turn the next victim into a fuck toy, we mean speechless fuck sex toy. Naturally, how can this poor fellow speak when his stupid mouth is a pussy-pleasing object. The ladies get a bit dizzy from all the pleasure remembering also to keep the male slave in control. He gets lucky too as one of this mean mistresses plays with his cock while he’s pleasing with his mouth. So let’s just watch these two horny babes as they go out of their way to have fun with the stud for the whole afternoon today.

anna and marra two brutal facesitting mistresses

These two naughty and sexy ladies sure know how to roughen up guys. And rest assured that they go out of their way to get only guys that know how to enjoy this treatment. Like we said, this fine afternoon the two ladies managed to get their slutty little hands on a dude that they can have all the fun that they want with. And the guy simply loved them. Watch as the sexy women treat his face and mouth with their eager pussies and then watch them putting a dildo face mask on him as they ride that toy as well with their cunt. We hope that you enjoyed it and we’ll see you guys next week.

See these dommes turning their slave into a pussy-pleasing object!

Brutal Facesitting – Jenya & Alice

This poor guy can only relax on these brutal facesitting pics, after all, all these cuffs and collar that Alice & Jenya have forced this guy into doing exactly what they need. Deprived of mobility in the next brutalfacesitting update, this poor fellow can only concentrate on being good with his mouth, because he is terrified to underperform for these mean hot girls. Check out as this male puppy pleases with his mouth. He is promised an unforgettable blow job if he id doing a good job, and while one babe is sitting on his face rubbing her pussy against him, the other gives him a handjob driving him over the edge. He is not allowed to shoot his load until the girl are not satisfied, and the brunette chick wants to have several orgasms. At the end his face is completely covered in sweet pussy juice!

 jenya and alice abusing their male slave jenya and alice abusing their male slave face

See these mean women abusing their male slave’s face!

Brutal business ladies

In this brutal facesitting scene these two business ladies are having an argument with their manager at the office. He does not like that fact the the ladies are spending two much time chatting and gossiping instead of doing the job they are paid to do, and the babes decide to teach him a lesson this time. They hold him down on the floor and both naughty babes are lifting their skirts off and the panties down. As you might already imagine, one of them sits on his face ordering him to lick her wet pussy. After she uses her manager’s head and tongue for her own pleasure, the other babe wants to get her pussy licked too! Next the babes are taking off his pants and start making fun of his small penis, teasing him until he gets hard and begs them to make him cum, but they get mad again and he is forced to bury his face in their cunts again, this time he has to work his tongue harder on their clit to make them cum! When the babes are done with him his face is drenched in pussy juice!


 Watch these horny sluts sitting on that guy’s face!

Brutal Facesitting – Licking a wet ass

These sexy babes are using that poor guy to pleasure themselves in this next brutal facesitting video scene. He always been submissive so these babes know exactly what to do with him. After the blonde chick wets the brunettes ass with spit she grabs the guy and orders him to fuck that tight ass with his tongue. He is forced to lick her dripping wet pussy and stick his tongue in her ass. After he gives her an orgasm the blonde wants him to lick her pussy too, and she pushes his head between her legs! He starts complaining that his tongue gets numb, but this is a bad mistake because the horny blonde is very horny and she wants to have an orgasm, so she starts rubbing her pussy all over his face and grabs his head with her hands pushing him against her dripping wet cunt. He is told that if he gets her off then the babes are going to give him a blowjob.


 Watch this guy forced to stick his tongue in her ass!