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Brutal Facesitting – Jenya & Alice

This poor guy can only relax on these brutal facesitting pics, after all, all these cuffs and collar that Alice & Jenya have forced this guy into doing exactly what they need. Deprived of mobility in the next brutalfacesitting update, this poor fellow can only concentrate on being good with his mouth, because he is terrified to underperform for these mean hot girls. Check out as this male puppy pleases with his mouth. He is promised an unforgettable blow job if he id doing a good job, and while one babe is sitting on his face rubbing her pussy against him, the other gives him a handjob driving him over the edge. He is not allowed to shoot his load until the girl are not satisfied, and the brunette chick wants to have several orgasms. At the end his face is completely covered in sweet pussy juice!

 jenya and alice abusing their male slave jenya and alice abusing their male slave face

See these mean women abusing their male slave’s face!

Brutal business ladies

In this brutal facesitting scene these two business ladies are having an argument with their manager at the office. He does not like that fact the the ladies are spending two much time chatting and gossiping instead of doing the job they are paid to do, and the babes decide to teach him a lesson this time. They hold him down on the floor and both naughty babes are lifting their skirts off and the panties down. As you might already imagine, one of them sits on his face ordering him to lick her wet pussy. After she uses her manager’s head and tongue for her own pleasure, the other babe wants to get her pussy licked too! Next the babes are taking off his pants and start making fun of his small penis, teasing him until he gets hard and begs them to make him cum, but they get mad again and he is forced to bury his face in their cunts again, this time he has to work his tongue harder on their clit to make them cum! When the babes are done with him his face is drenched in pussy juice!


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Brutal Facesitting – Licking a wet ass

These sexy babes are using that poor guy to pleasure themselves in this next brutal facesitting video scene. He always been submissive so these babes know exactly what to do with him. After the blonde chick wets the brunettes ass with spit she grabs the guy and orders him to fuck that tight ass with his tongue. He is forced to lick her dripping wet pussy and stick his tongue in her ass. After he gives her an orgasm the blonde wants him to lick her pussy too, and she pushes his head between her legs! He starts complaining that his tongue gets numb, but this is a bad mistake because the horny blonde is very horny and she wants to have an orgasm, so she starts rubbing her pussy all over his face and grabs his head with her hands pushing him against her dripping wet cunt. He is told that if he gets her off then the babes are going to give him a blowjob.


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Tied and facefucked

This guy enters the room and finds these two lesbians kissing each other in this next brutal face fucking scene! When he makes a joke about joining in, the girls decide to teach him a lesson and after they ask him to get naked, the slutty lesbians tie him to the bed. While one of them sits on his head and rubs her pussy to his face, the other plays with his cock, then he is forced to lick their pussies until they cum! Whenever he stops the babes are sitting on his face again, making him to stick his tongue out and stick it in their wet cunts!


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Brutal Facesitting – Teasing a hard cock

Check out this next brutal facesitting video scene and se how these babes are using this guy to pleasure themselves promising him an unforgettable blow job. But what he does not knows yet, is that he has to lick their pussies making them cum if he wants to get his cock sucked. He gets tied and while one babe is sitting on his face the other is teasing him, by playing with his rock hard cock. He must obey and dig his face in that wet pussy, and because he tonguefucks her to orgasm he gets his well deserved blowjob! After he got what he wanted is time for another facesitting action because the readhead hottie needs her pussy licked. It looks like he is not going to get away easy, because these horny little sluts are far of being done with him!


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Pretty babe doing nasty things

This latin guy all that ants is to get his cock buried deep inside this blondes pussy, but in this brutal facesitting scene she is the one in control, and she forces him in submission! First she is teasing him with her sexy pink lingerie, slowly taking her panties off and rubbing them to his face, then she gets on top of him and sits on his face rubbing her pussy to his mouth making him lick her juices. Then he starts licking her sensitive clit making her cum several times. He gets so hard and ready to shove his big cock in her dripping wet cunt but she has something else in mind, so he now has to stick his tongue in her tight asshole! It looks like this is not his lucky day, she only wants to get her wet pussy and ass pleasured and she is not going to let him empty his balls. Whenever he starts complaining she lowers herself on his face until she has no air to breath, then orders him to do his job and lick her wet cunt!


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Infernal pussy licking

As you are about to see right next, these two babes are going to turn you on big time and make you go hard instantly! Have a look at this incredibly hot scene and see how are these two about to use their lover, just the way they all like too, every once in a while. What he loves the most is to have his hands tied with a rope, so he couldn’t do anything but enjoy what are these sexy babes going to do with him. One of the chicks, the blonde, is going to put her pussy right on his face, letting him suck it and slide his tongue deep inside.

The other one will grab his tool and start jerking it off, stroking it with her palms, make it go bigger and harder. You got to see this fantastic video update and see how are these two going to start pleasuring him and make him so hard, until he will cum, spreading all his jizz all over the place! See the whole action and get ready to see the most incredible things ever here! Plus, if you like this kind of hardcore scenes, you could also have a look at the latest Infernal Restraints Bondage scene, to see more kinky scenes! Enjoy!

sitting on top of him

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